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Toray TM710 Indonesia

Toray TM710 is a 4″ diameter, fiberglass wrapped membrane for use in brackish water treatment systems. Standard operating pressure for the TM710 is 225psi and has a minimum rejection rate of 99.0%

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 600PSI

  • Stabilized Salt Rejection: 99.7%

  • Minimum Flow Rate: 2000GPD

  • Includes one interconnector and brine seal

Toray reverse osmosis elements are functional membrane elements with excellent quality and high performance developed with the polymer engineering expertise Toray has gained over the years. Toray Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements are high rejection and high flux RO elements that have been meeting the high level requirements of our customers in many applications: ultrapure water production for semiconductor and other industries; seawater desalination; wastewater treatment; the recovery of valuable process materials in the food processing industry, etc. The wide-ranging line of products was first marketed in 1978.

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